SE10 Piano Tuning

We are Greenwich Piano Services, a piano tuning and repair service based in Greenwich in South East London. SE10 is our postcode and our home. We have many customers in SE10 who use and value our services. These services include tuning repairs, cleaning, servicing, valuations, and voicing. Feel free to browse our website and if there is anything we can help you with, please get in touch.

Whether a piano is fresh out of the store or has seen better days, it will require tuning. Older pianos might need a few repairs too. If your piano has been left for a long time, it might need some extra care. Our technician, James, used to work with Steinway & Sons and has over 12 years of experience dealing with pianos in various settings like concert halls, recording studios, schools, and more.

Pianos mostly need tuning to stay in top shape. They often get out of tune because the strings lose tension over time, changing the pitch and giving that ‘off’ sound that an out-of-tune piano has. Tuning a piano means adjusting each note to get the right pitch, and you do this with a tool called a tuning hammer. It works by turning a pin and adjusting the string’s tension to make it sound either lower or higher.