Here is a breakdown of the prices of our services:

60 Minute Piano Tuning£100
90 Minute Piano Tuning (Pitch Raise & Piano Tuning)£140
2 Hour Servicing (Pitch Raise, Piano Tuning, Cleaning & Small Repairs)£180
Half Day Servicing (4 Hours)
Repairs, Action Regulation, Cleaning, Pitch Raise & Piano Tuning
Full Day Servicing (8 Hours)
Repairs, Keyboard Regulation, Action Regulation, Pitch Raise, Cleaning, Piano Tuning & Voicing
Restringing/RestorationPlease Contact Us
Piano Assessment/Valuation£80
Call Out Charge*£50
Replacement Treble String£10 per string
Replacement Bass String£30 per string

Why we charge what we charge:

Like many skilled professions, it can be very hard to know what the true ‘cost’ of the service is. We aim to offer a superior service at a reasonable price. We believe we have found a balance between quality and affordability. Many of the larger institutions in London charge much more than our services, and some independent tuners charge less. Pianos are very delicate and fine instruments, are worth looking after, and should only be serviced by qualified professionals. As a piano technician of 12+ years for multiple concert venues, recording studios, schools, and private homes; I have many satisfied customers and have a strong reputation, hence a ‘mid-range’ approach to my prices. There will always be someone cheaper, but I believe good work costs good money. In the rare occasion that something is not right after we leave, we will return to fix it without cost.

* Call-out charge is only billed if work on the piano is not possible due to age or damage, or if a cancellation on the day is made. If a 2-hour service or more is requested, the cancellation fee will be 50% of the fee.

For any other questions please don't hesitate to get in touch.