Woolwich Piano Tuning

If you have a piano in Woolwich that needs tuning, then we can help. Woolwich is a neighbourhood of change, with original residents and shops mingling with new riverside developments and culture. We regularly tune the pianos for Woolwich Works, an amazing music and arts centre. We also have customers in the Royal Arsenal neighbourhood, as well as up the road towards Shooters Hill. We’d also recommend checking out the immersive theatre of Punchdrunk, who often have musical performances as part of their work. Our piano workshop is based in Woolwich, so we are based here much of the time, so can schedule appointments on a short-term basis.

The services we offer include piano tuning, repairs, servicing, assessments/valuations, cleaning, and voicing. Pianos, irrespective of age, frequently need a tune-up, occasional cleaning, and minor repairs. When a piano hasn’t been tuned in a while, it requires additional care. Our piano technician, James, has over 12 years of experience working with pianos in diverse settings such as concert halls, recording studios, universities, schools, and numerous homes. Drawing from a background in servicing Steinway & Sons pianos, he brings a wealth of experience to his craft.

Please have a browse of our website to see the piano services we offer, our prices, and frequently asked questions. Feel free to get in touch with us so we can help get your piano back to its best. We serve Woolwich as part of our Central and South London area.

Some more information about piano tuning:

The most common service required for pianos is tuning. Pianos frequently go out of tune due to the gradual loss of tension in the strings, resulting in a shift in pitch and the production of unpleasant or discordant notes. Tuning a piano involves adjusting each note to its proper pitch using a specialized tool known as a tuning hammer. This tool turns a pin, altering the string’s tension to achieve either a flatter or sharper pitch.