Canary Wharf Piano Tuning

If you have a piano in Canary Wharf that needs tuning, then we can help. Whilst Canary Wharf may be a hub for finance and research, there are many pianos that people have in the area too! It’s a short ride on the DLR away from Greenwich, so we’re here a lot. We tune and service many customers’ pianos in the apartment buildings around Canary Wharf. We’re sure to grab a coffee from Café Brera if we’re there.

The services we offer include piano tuning, repairs, servicing, assessments/valuations, cleaning, and voicing. Pianos, no matter how old, frequently need a tune-up, occasional cleaning, and some minor fixes. If a piano hasn’t been tuned for a while, it calls for some extra attention. James Beckwith is our piano technician, who’s got more than 12 years of experience dealing with pianos in all sorts of places—concert halls, recording studios, universities, schools, and countless homes. With a history of working on Steinway & Sons pianos, he brings a lot of expertise to the table.

Please have a browse of our website to see the piano services we offer, our prices, and frequently asked questions. Feel free to get in touch with us so we can help get your piano back to its best. We serve Canary Wharf as part of our London area.

Some more information about piano tuning:

The primary service that pianos typically require is piano tuning. Pianos commonly go out of tune as the strings gradually lose tension. This results in a change in pitch and the production of unpleasant or discordant notes. To tune a piano, each note is adjusted to the correct pitch using a specialized tool known as a tuning hammer. This tool turns a pin, altering the tension of the string to either flatten or sharpen it.