Charlton Piano Tuning

If you live in Charlton and have a piano that needs tuning, then we can help. Our office is in Greenwich, but our workshop is in Woolwich meaning that we pass through Charlton almost every day. We service a number of customers pianos in Charlton, up the hill with the lovely views of London; and down the hill towards the river. We’ll be honest we’re Arsenal fans, but The Valley is our closest football stadium so has a place in our hearts!

The services we offer include piano tuning, repairs, servicing, assessments/valuations, cleaning, and voicing. Whether new or old, pianos need regular tuning, along with potential cleaning and minor repairs. Pianos that haven’t undergone tuning for a while will need extra care. Our technician, James, holds a wealth of experience, with over 12 years of professional service in various settings such as concert halls, recording studios, universities, schools, and countless private homes. Formerly a Steinway & Sons piano technician, James brings considerable expertise to his craft.

Please have a browse of our website to see the piano services we offer, our prices, and frequently asked questions. Feel free to get in touch with us so we can help get your piano back to its best. We serve Charlton as part of our Central and South London area.

Some more information about piano tuning:

Every so often, pianos need a good tuning. When the strings start losing tension over time, pianos tend to go out of tune, making the notes sound off and unpleasant. To fix this, you use a special tool called a tuning hammer to adjust each note to the right pitch. This hammer turns a pin and tweaks the string’s tension to either make it flatter or sharper. This takes some skill but is second nature to us!