Brockley Piano Tuning

If you live in Brockley and have a piano that needs tuning, then we can help. Brockley is a lovely neighbourhood and a popular area for our work in South-East London. Many music professionals and creatives live here and it is a pleasure to tune and service their pianos. While we’re here, we would recommend the boutique beer shop Salthouse Bottles, and a quick peek in Lorenzo’s to see if there are any new vinyl records to get! If you have a piano in Brockley it would be great to hear from you.

The services we offer include piano tuning, repairs, servicing, assessments/valuations, cleaning, and voicing. Most pianos will either need a piano tuning and cleaning if they are quite new, or a tuning and some small repairs if they are old. A piano that hasn’t been tuned in a long time will need some extra work. Our technician James is a former Steinway & Sons piano technician who has 12+ years of professional experience servicing pianos in concert halls, recording studios, universities, schools, and thousands of private homes.

Please have a browse of our website to see the piano services we offer, our prices, and frequently asked questions. Feel free to get in touch with us so we can help get your piano back to its best. We serve Blackheath as part of our Central and South London area.

Some more information about piano tuning:

The most frequently needed service for pianos is piano tuning. The main cause of pianos going out of tune is the gradual slackening of tension in the strings. This leads to a change in pitch and the production of displeasing or discordant notes. Tuning a piano entails adjusting each note to its proper pitch. We do this with a tuning hammer. This turns the tuning pin thereby altering the string’s tension by making it flatter or sharper, which puts the note in tune.