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If you are looking for a piano tuner in London, then we are here to help. There are a lot of piano tuners and technicians in London, and the quality and price can vary widely. At Greenwich Piano Services our technician James is a professional piano tuner with 12 years of experience. Previously having worked at Steinway & Sons, James services pianos throughout London for concert halls, recording studios, universities, schools, and many private homes. He is also a professional pianist, so understands the piano from both a musical and technical perspective. We pride ourselves on being high quality; whilst also being affordable compared to the larger piano companies in London. If you have any questions or queries then please contact us and we will get in touch as soon as we can.

Here is some more information about the services we offer:

Piano Tuning

Piano tuning is a common and essential service for maintaining pianos. The natural loss of string tension over time causes pianos to go out of tune, altering the pitch and creating unpleasant or discordant notes. The tuning process involves adjusting each note to the correct pitch using a specialized tool called a tuning hammer. This turns a pin to make a string flatter or sharper.

A well-tuned piano makes your piano much more enjoyable to play. It also preserves the life of your piano, because we can address any issues such as sticking keys, broken strings, or other small repairs before they become too much of a problem. Usually, a standard piano tuning session lasts about one hour, though if it’s been a long time then it will be more. We recommend tuning your pianos at least every six months to adjust for temperature and humidity changes throughout the year. However, if you are a professional musician or music student, we’d suggest more.

My expertise extends to various types of pianos, including uprights, grands, and any make and model. I specialise in working on medium to high-end uprights and grands but can work on any piano.

In cases where a piano is severely out of tune, a pitch-raise may be necessary to bring it back to the correct pitch. There are over 200 piano strings that put a lot of tension on the plate inside the piano. When we do big pitch adjustments this tension changes dramatically. Several tunings are needed to stabilise this tension. This is why pianos that haven’t been tuned in a long time take more time and cost more.

Piano Servicing

Over time, the parts that make up your piano begin to wear and become uneven. This can lead to issues such as the touch feeling uneven and the piano not being as responsive. The solution to this is to get your piano serviced. In a piano service, we regulate the action and keyboard to even out the touch and feel. We do this by adjusting the many parts of the action which allow it to work properly, and by lubricating the action centers. Some of these processes include let-off, lost motion, key dip, backcheck adjustment, and springs. Since there are 88 keys on a piano, this can take a while!

The end result of this is a piano that will feel more intuitive and responsive to play. Hopefully, this makes it more fun and you play more! Piano servicing should be done every few years to keep things from going too astray. If it’s been a long time though, it’s not a huge problem. It just may take a little longer.